We're Hiring!

We are hiring Occupational and Speech Therapists for part time positions with potential to be converted into full time. Please Contact Us if you are interested in applying for the positions.

Free Initial Consultation

We are offering a free 15 minutes phone consultation! If you are interested please contact us to schedule your appointment.


We now offer all Occupational Therapy services via tele-therapy as well.

About us

Integrated Pediatric therapy was founded by Gandhi Murugappan, with a sole purpose of improving the lifestyle of the children and the family we serve. We provide occupational therapy consultation, evaluation and intervention services within the clinic, home and school based settings.
In addition to therapy services, we also offer parent training in Sensory processing disorder and Hand Function. At IPT, We believe that working closely with the family is important for treatment success. We take a personal approach with each family. We consult with parents during the initial evaluation and continue to collaborate with them throughout the treatment process. We involve parents in every treatment session and discuss treatment strategies, give child specific home program to ensure that optimal progress is achieved



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