Our Services


An Occupational therapy evaluation is essential to better understand the clinical factors affecting a child’s functional performance and to provide a baseline determination for how a child is currently doing. Based on the evaluation, specific recommendations can be given on how to address any underlying issues with home program strategies, and in-clinic direct OT intervention. The evaluation can include standardized and informal testing, clinical observation, review of records, parent interview, and a teacher interview or school visits if necessary.

We understand that some child will not be able to sit for a formal evaluation and have strategies to make sure we still get the initial important information.  If needed, a determination about the optimal frequency and duration for ongoing therapy is made. Typically a child is initially seen once to twice weekly, with re-evaluations done on a quarterly basis, if not sooner.

The OT evaluation may include:

Individual Therapy

Based on the findings of the evaluation, one on one treatment session may be started both  to work on areas of concern, and bolster areas of strength. In individual therapy sessions  we typically address issues with  Self-regulation, Fine motor skills, Gross motor skills, Visual perceptual skills, Handwriting, and Feeding.  Goals and treatment  approaches are changed in response to how your child is doing, as issues get resolved, and if any  new concerns arise.


There may be times when a short term consultation is the best approach. Depending on the needs of your child and family. We can offer consultations at our clinic, your home, a child’s school, either in person,  via  telehealth or  by phone. We consult with parents, teachers and other professionals in the child care team to answer any questions, brainstorm ideas, provide needed accommodation relevant to the environment, implement activity programs, and provide strategies to help your child’s performance in various settings.

School OT

We are available to work with individual school districts, private schools, pre schools and religious schools  providing an array of services including  Independent Educational Evaluations ( IEE), ongoing therapy, re-evaluations, IEP creation, informal screenings  as well as staff development and training.